Saturday, October 27, 2007

Formosa Cafe

Formosa Cafe
7156 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles

A LA landmark, I had to try Formosa Cafe's kobe burger. I had high expectations but after having the burger, I would have been better off going to any other burger place.

The kobe burger has jalapeno cheese on an onion bun for $14. The burger was suppose to be cooked medium rare. When the burger came it was huge and had a nice presentation. But once I took a bite, I felt as though I was having a $6 burger from Carl's. The beef was very dry. Kobe beef should be very moist and juicy. I really doubt if they used kobe beef. I'm pretty sure this is kobe-STYLE beef. The burger priced in the $5-$7 range would be a good value. At $14 it's a rip off.

Service was average. We waited a little for refills on drinks. But our server was nice and pleasant.

Ok, so Formosa has pictures of many Hollywood stars. So what. The food isn't anything to brag about and it's overpriced. I have no need or desire to go back here again.