Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RA Sushi

RA Sushi
3815 N. Scottsdale Rd

Again I'm surprised a dessert city has such great seafood. But Scottsdale has some great seafood. Saw RA Sushi and decided to go in.

Pictured first is the King Crab sushi ($7.50) and the yellowtail sushi ($5). I've never heard of King Crab sushi but I was surprised how tasty this was. The King Crab was sweet and tender. The sushi rice didn't fall apart when you dipped it into the soy sauce. Very good stuff and worth the high price. The yellowtail was fresh and tasty. Better than most sushi places I've been to.

The lobster-shrimp roll was very tasty, lobster cucumber, and avocado on the inside and topped with shrimp on the outside. The Asian pesto sauce added a nice flavor to the roll. The roll was very fresh and oh so tasty. There were a decent amount of lobster in each piece and the shrimp was huge.

Service at the sushi bar was very good. The young lady was nice and friendly. We didn't want for anything. But it took awhile for the lobster-shrimp roll to arrive. We had to remind the sushi chef about our order. But otherwise very good service.

If was back in Scottsdale, I would go back to RA sushi anytime. Very fresh, very good sushi.