Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Overland Stage

Overland Stage
1855 S Harbor Blvd

I went to Overland Stage about two or three years ago. They were a great steakhouse, serving good quality steaks. Another highlight was their all you can eat, great salad bar, which was included in all their entrees.

But Sheraton took over and turned Overland Stage into Overland Stage Southwest BBQ and Grill. I figured something must have been up since the crappy, overrated Morton's opened less than 20 yards from Overland. But since I already made the trip to Overland Stage, I decided to stay but only after making sure they still had steaks on their menu.

They have two steaks on the menu. A New York and a grilled, bone-in, rib-eye. I picked the rib-eye, $27.95, cooked medium rare. The rib-eye was served on top of real mashed potatoes. The rib-eye was tender and flavorful. It didn't melt in my mouth but it was still a very solid steak, cooked to perfection. The mashed potatoes were great, even without gravy. I asked for the wild mushroom ragout in a red wine sauce, on the side. The ragout was just like a thick gravy with lots of mushrooms. It was a bit on the salty side but it added alot to the mashed potatoes.

Service was very good. The server was friendly, attentive and helpful. He's been working at Overland for a few years and was surprised at the change. I wasn't shocked when he told me that many people ask what happened to the salad bar and steaks.

While I did enjoy my steak, I wouldn't go back to Overland Stage. I guess I'm not used to change. I wish Overland would go back to their original format but I know that won't happen, with the overrated, crappy Morton's next door.