Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cantina Express-Closed

Cantina Express
3530 Temple

Cantina Express is a Mexican restaurant near Cal Poly Pomona. I went there a very long time ago and decided to give them another try.

I ordered the 2 fish taco special for $3.99. They asked if you want grilled or fried and I asked for the grilled. The fish is red snapper but it was overcooked just a bit. A little too dry for my taste. The taco is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, clintro and mayo. All those flavors worked well and, along with salsa, covered up some of the dryness of the fish.

Service is pretty good. At Cantina Express you order your food at the counter and then pick up your food when it's ready. She was helpful answering questions about their menu. I asked for ice water but she forgot to give me the ice water.

For a quick and good lunch, Cantina Express fits the bill. Good food, fair prices and good service. If I was in the area I would go back.