Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rockin Taco-Closed

Rockin Taco
111 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA

Rocking Taco is in downtown Fullerton. It's really a dueling piano bar that happens to serve food.

I ordered the cartinas plate, which comes with refried beans and rice. Now what I got was the carne asada plate. ($8.95) Now I didn't mind, since I like carne asada, but that should give you a clue about the server I had. Now the carne asada was flavorful and they gave you a ton of it. It must have been close to a pound. It was pretty tender but a little on the dry side. The beans and rice was standard everyday stuff. Nothing special.

Our server was below average. I sat down and she took my drink order. After she dropped off my drink she didn't come back for at least ten minutes. Now there were at most 12 people at tables but I guess when one of the tables has friends of the owner or wait staff they get treated great and everybody else gets the shaft. When she finally came back and took our order, I know I ordered the carnitas. My friend even heard me placing the carnitas order. But when our orders were ready, here comes the carne asada. While waiting for our orders, she refilled my Arnold Palmer. Well I see her go to that table and stand there and carry on a conversation while holding my empty glass. She then fills up the glass and then has another conversation with them. Now maybe they are making a new batch of ice tea, so I can understand the wait before she refilled my glass but there is no excuse for her to go back to that table after refilling my glass. I had to ask for silverware after our orders were delivered. Now she was friendly when she serving us and she's not bad looking but she really needs to improve her skills.

I would not go back to Rockin Taco. Service wasn't good and while they give you a lot of food, it's nothing special.