Tuesday, June 05, 2007

McCormick and Schmick's- Pasadena-Closed

McCormick & Schmick's
111 Los Robles

McCormick & Schmick's is a seafood restaurant with locations in Pasadena, LA, and Irvine. But I heard about their $1.95 happy hour menu so I wanted to give it a try. The best thing on their menu is the New York Cheeseburger. This is a steal and it includes fries. Be warned you must order $3 in beverages to get this menu price. One beer will do it.

The burger is served medium well and is good. But they do not provide any other condiments than ketchup and mustard. Next time I will ask for mayo and thousand island dressing.

Service was ok. But when gave her the check, she asked if I needed change. Well my bill with a Blue Moon beer, came to about $8 and I left a $20 bill. Servers should NOT ask if the customer needs change. They should just get the change. This is a lazy way of service. If you as a server are too lazy to make one more trip to my table to leave the change, then you need to find another job. For any servers out there reading this, I will say something like "It's all your's. Or Keep it or Thank you." Unless I say that, just get the damn change.

I would go back to McCormick & Schmick's anytime for their happy hour.