Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Market City Caffe-Closed

Market City Caffe
110 W Birch St Ste 7

Market City Caffe has been one of the anchor restaurants in the Birch Street complex of Downtown Brea. They have other locations in Burbank and Pasadena. It's an Italian restaurant and one of the better priced places around.

Pictured is the penne al pollo, chicken with fresh and sundried tomatoes, fresh asparagus and cream sauce for about $10. This was a very good dish. The white meat chicken was tender and there were good sized pieces. The tomatoes and asparagus were also fresh and tasty. The cream sauce was on the bland size, nothing overwhelming which I like. The penne pasta was cooked just right.

Service was acceptable. Nothing bad and nothing outstanding.

I would go back to Market City Caffe. I think they serve good quality food at good prices.