Thursday, May 10, 2007


Scoreboard Sports Grill
3220 Temple Ave

Sports bars used to be very popular. A fan of other teams could watch his favorite team on a big screen. But with Direct TV sports bars aren't as popular as before.

But it's still fun to go and watch a game with other fans. Scoreboard is home to Traitor fans. There is so much silver and black and tears as the loser Traitors continue losing and losing and losing. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fans.

Pictured is 2lbs of buffalo wings for $13.95. In the bar during happy hour they are half priced. Not a bad deal. The wings are crispy and big but they give you too many of the wing and not the drummettes, which is the best part!!

I ordered this to go and the service was good. At times, especially on Saturdays, the service sucks in the bar area. You can sit at a table and nobody will come to you for 20 minutes.

I go back to Scoreboard to catch a game and hang out but I don't go on Saturdays anymore. The food is pretty good for what it is, a sports bar. If you're expecting gourmet, you're a moron.