Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Koo Koo Chinese Food-Closed

Koo Koo Chinese Food
1113 N Harbor Blvd

Koo Koo Chinese Food is another Panda Express Chinese fast food restaurant. There must be a ton of these type of Chinese food places around. I wonder if somebody would devote a blog to these restaurants? And no, I wouldn't create a blog just for these type of restaurants.

Pictured is the two item combo, $5.99, with fried rice and chow mein, Chinese BBQ pork and teriyaki chicken. The fried rice and chow mein were standard, everyday stuff. Nothing outstanding and nothing bad about them. The BBQ pork was too chewy and tough. It seemed as though it had been on the stem table for too long. The teriyaki chicken wasn't too bad. But I didn't think there was as much of the teriyaki chicken as other places.

Service was ok. You certainly get the feeling are you rushed out there. Order, pay, eat and leave.

I wouldn't go back to Koo Koo Chinese Food. The food isn't anything great and a bit on the pricey side.