Monday, May 14, 2007

Kebob Room- Monrovia Farmer's Market

Monrovia Farmer's Market
608 S Mytle Ave.

There are many farmer market's but I think Monrovia has the best "food court".

As readers of The New Diner know, I love kebobs. So I got the chicken and beef kebob combo, $8, from the Kebob Room stand. The chicken was season with the normal Middle Eastern spicies. But it was pretty dry. The beef was great. My favorite. Tender, flavorful and just great. I would put this beef up against most of the other kebob places I've tried.

Service is pretty good. But the lines can be very long.

I'm not sure if the Kebob Room has it's own restaurant but just having dinner while shopping at the Farmer's Market is a treat. I think the Monrovia Farmer's Market closes down during December and January but the other months it's a great time to buy fresh produce and sample good food.

Update April 26, 2009

I went back to the Monvovia Farmer's Market and Kebob Room. Again I got the beef and chicken kebob, $8. The first thing I noticed about the kebobs was the smaller portions of the chicken and beef. Then the lack of rice. The chicken was still tender but not that flavorful. It was missing some spices, I didn't even realize it was Middle Eastern food. It was like a plain chicken kebob.

The same for the beef kebob. Not as flavorful as before and the same smaller portions.

Not sure what happened to Kebob Room but I wasn't as impressed this time. Smaller portions, less flavor doesn't make a good combination. Maybe it was an off night. But I was looking forward to some kebobs and I didn't get them.

April 24 is a tough day to find good kebob places open. Why? Many kebob places are owned by Armenians and they close their businesses to remember Armenian Genocide but the people of Turkey. Something our idiot President refused to say, even after promising to say that, during his campaign. Another one of his lies!!! It is time for the people of Turkey to admit they are responsible for the Armenian Genocide.