Wednesday, May 30, 2007


How's Market
3035 E. Huntington Dr
San Marino

How's is a supermarket in the class of Bristol Farms. They have higher quality meats and seafood. Every Saturday and Sunday they have a BBQ. They are known for their tri tip. You can buy a whole tri tip or a tri tip sandwich.

The tri tip sandwich is about $5.25. The tri tip is grilled over hardwood and then covered with BBQ sauce and stored until you order it. The tri tip is on the tough side and not that flavorful. The BBQ sauce is so bland and adds nothing to the sandwich. I didn't even finish this sandwich.

So I decide to order one of their deli sandwiches for $4.50. So I orderd their turkey and corned beef sandwich on wheat bread. The sandwich was fresh but nothing outstanding.

Now service at both the BBQ and the service deli was TERRIBLE. After I asked how much the tri tip sandwich was, I never heard another word from the young girl behind the register. Not even, your sandwich is ready.

The young girl at the service deli was too busy making plans with her boyfriend and couldn't be bothered by me. She took forever to make the sandwich since she wasn't good at multitasking. Other than telling me the price and asking what kind of bread this social butterfly didn't say anything to me.

I can't believe a place like How's allows these two people to work there. They have no idea about customer service and work ethic. I hope somebody tells the managers at How's to improve the customer service at the BBQ and the service deli at the San Marino location.

I would not go to How's for the BBQ or the deli sandwich. They do have good cuts of meat and when they are on sale they are a great deal. $7lb for USDA prime steak. You can't beat that.