Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe's Pizza-Closed

Joe's Pizza
2412 Garfield Ave.
Monterey Park

When you think of Monterey Park you think of Chinese food. You rarely think of pizza. But what a surprise when I found Joe's Pizza. This is a no frills pizza place. Just good qualtiy pizza at good prices.

Pictured is a small pizza with half pepperoni and Canadian bacon and half pineapple, $11. The crust is thick and has a nice chewy texture. They piled on the pepperoni and Canadian bacon. I thought the sauce was the perfect compliment to the toppings and crust. It didn't overpower pizza. Good quality toppings, good solid crust makes a good solid pizza.

The hot wings, $6.95 were baked instead of fried. They also weren't hot but very mild. It's not too bad but I prefer wings fried. But they were also very meaty. A good chicken wing but they could fry them and increase the spicyness of the wings.

Service is good. When I went, they were either renovated the restaurant or just moving in. There was construction going on and you could see and hear hammers and power tools being used.

I would go back to Joe's Pizza again. Good quality pizza at good prices.