Tuesday, February 06, 2007


315 Brand

It maybe strange to go to a bakery for a Cuban sandwich but Porto's serves not only great pastries but a great sandwich. The first picture is the view of Porto's from Brand Blvd. The second picture is the "back" entrance from the parking lot behind Porto's.

The Cuban sandwich $3.75 is filled with pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles and served with fried bananas. The bread is toasted but is so soft and flakey. The meats, especially the pork is so tender. The ham is really just sliced ham that kids use for lunch meat. Otherwise a damn good sandwich at a damn good price.

The pastries pictured include a brownie, a raspberry mouse, and a pyramid shaped chocolate mouse with three kinds of chocolate, dark, milk and a white chocolate. They are all so awesome.

Porto's is packed, no matter when you go. Remember to take a number and be patient, it's well worth the wait. They also have another location in Burbank. I would go back to Porto's anytime.