Thursday, October 19, 2006

Costco-Chino Hills

I'm sure almost everybody has eaten something from Costco. Many Costcos have an outdoor food area. I know two locations that have an indoor food area and I'm guessing those two stores aren't doing as much business as the other outdoor stores.

I ordered the hot dog and soda combo and a slice of combo pizza for $3.76. Yes, Costco still has 1/4lb all beef kosher hot dogs and a soda for $1.50. You can't beat that deal anywhere. The hot dogs are steamed and then placed on a bun that hasn't been toasted. But for the price it's great. All Costcos have mustard, deli mustard, onions and relish. They also have ketchup but only weirdos put ketchup on a hot dog. Some Costcos will have sauerkraut. But the skinless hot dogs have a good blend of spices and flavor. I put mustard and onions on them. I believe the onions are rehydrated and not freshly chopped onions but they do the job.

The slices of piece just depends on how long they have been under the heat lamps. The slice of combo pizza, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, and olives, had been under the heat lamp for too long. The onions and green peppers were wilted and not good at all. The cheese and meats were still hot but was starting to become overcooked. If you ever order a whole pizza, if you don't eat it right away, it loses a lot of taste and flavor. One of the few pizzas that do NOT taste good the next day.

Service will vary depending on who is working. My service was pretty good but I've been here when service was very slow.

I go back to Costco every now and then. It's inexpensive and the food is pretty good. It's not gourmet but then again I'm not expecting it to be.