Monday, August 14, 2006

Off Campus Pub-Closed

Off Campus Pub
2736 Nutwood

Off Campus was once rated by Playboy as one of the nation's top college bar. Too bad Playboy didn't judge their food. Off Campus is right across the street from Cal State Fullerton thus the name. They have a pretty extensive menu with sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and salads.

I had the My Chicken Breast, they give a choose between terikayi, BBQ and Monterey Chicken breast. I had the Monterey chicken breast with gucamole on the side and no ortega chili, with a serving a fresh fruit for $8.57. The sandwich was suppose to come with mayo but there was no mayo, either on the side or on the sandwich. The chicken was do damn dry, even with the gucamole, I had to drink gallons of water. There was no flavor and it was served maybe lukewarm.

I found out the owner of Off Campus also owns Big B BBQ which I reviewed earlier. No wonder the food sucked. Service was both good and below average. The busboy who took me to my table and who took my order was very good. He came around often and kept my water filled. The waitress was below average. I didn't see her for almost ten minutes after I was seated. She came around maybe twice and only refilled my water after asking if I wanted more water. She was nice and all but lacked common server skills or she was too busy talking to her friends.

I would not go back to Off Campus. The food maybe inexpensive but if the food is terrible it doesn't matter.