Monday, July 10, 2006

Clayton Shurley's-Closed

Clayton Shurley's
4341 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach

Clayton Shurley's used to be the BBQ supplier for the Anaheim Angels but for whatever reason, the Angels took over their own BBQ. I went to an Angel game in 2001 and I happened to be sitting next to the owner of Clayton Shurley's. She was kind enough to give me a coupon for a free sandwich. The pulled pork sandwich was pretty bad and I haven't been back to Clayton Shurley's until today.

I order the half of rack of pork ribs for $11.84. I believe the ribs are babybacks and they are OK, for yuppie, suburban ribs. There was a good enough amount of meat on the ribs. And since they are baby backs, they are tender. There was a decent smoke flavor but nothing very strong. The ribs were served lukewarm, they need to heat the ribs up because lukewarm ribs aren't the way to go.

The regular BBQ sauce was a lot like KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. They must use a lot of the same ingredients as KC Masterpiece. The spicy BBQ sauce had a decent kick to it but was pretty underwhelming.

The service was pretty good. The guy was nice enough taking my order and my order was up pretty quickly. I see no reason to go back to Clayton Shurley's for anything on their menu. South Orange Curtain is filled with yuppy ribs places and Clayton Shurley's caters to the demographics of the area.