Monday, May 08, 2006

Mr. Berry's BBQ-Closed

Mr.Berry's BBQ
5670 Schaefer Ave.

Mr. Berry's is in an industrial area and it would be very easy to miss their location. As you can see the only sign is a BBQ sign so look for tables with umbrellas and you should find Mr. Berry's. Mr. Berry's used to be another BBQ place called Blake's Place. Blake's still has a location in Anaheim which will be reviewed soon. Blake's Place Review

I get there about 1pm and I take a look at their menu. Lots of items are crossed out because they sold out. So I said what the hell, did somebody forget to fire up the pit? Luckily a batch of pork spare ribs were ready but for whatever reason, they didn't tell the cashier.

So I order the pork rib plate, with beans and cole slaw, for $12.99, only later would I realize how stupid that was. The plate had three huge pieces of ribs and one tiny end piece. While it maybe hard to tell, there was a small smoke ring. There wasn't an overwhelming smoke flavor and the ribs were on the dry, tough, chewy side. They also had a lot of fat and was average at best. The sauce had a very strong paprika taste and was on the mild side.

Serve was OK but if another lady didn't tell the cashier they had pork ribs, they would have lost a sale. What I meant by how stupid it was ordering the pork plate was as I looked on the menu a half rack of pork ribs al carte was $7.95. Let me tell you the beans and cole slaw wasn't worth the extra four dollars.