Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tom's Place

Tom's Place
221 W Orangethrope

Tom's Place is just east of the Orangethorpe exit off the 57 freeway. The large dining area is very clean and well spread out.

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger $4.19, I asked what comes on the burger and the lady at the counter told me, lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, mayo and thousand island dressing. So as I normally do, I got no pickles.

First bite into the burger and the bacon was crisp, the lettuce was fresh, the meat was nice and flavorful but the taste of onions were all around!!! Well she forgot to tell me that onions come on the burger. Not a big deal but I figure they should know everything that comes on the burger. The burger isn't going to set the world on the fire but it's a good burger at a good price. I think comparing Tom's Place to Fuddruckers is like comparing apples to oranges. Tom's is a burger joint where Fuddruckers is more of a restaurant burger.

Service is OK. They took a little long to get my burger and there were only five people in the restaurant at the time. If I was in the area, I would go there again. I think the burgers are better than Angleno's but that's nothing to brag about. I think this is a good place to drop by before an Angels game.