Monday, April 24, 2006

Anaheim Stadium-Outdoor BBQ Stand - Section 242-Closed

Anaheim Stadium
Outdoor BBQ Stand - Section 242
Terace Level

I thought I'd give a review of one of the food stands at Anaheim Stadium. I still call it Anaheim Stadium. If you don't like it, tough.

The Outdoor BBQ Stand is behind in the left field pavilion, Section 242 on the terrace level. They offer a simple menu. A huge hot dog for $7.50. Corn on the cobb for $3.00 and an All Star combo for $9.50.

So I ordered the combo with the hot dog, corn on the cobb, and a bag of chips. The hot dog was not HOT. Bad sign. They need to cook the hot dog much longer and keep them in a warmer. I got the hot dog right before the game so there is no reason for the hot dog to be cold.

The hot dog was huge and I had to split it with my buddy. The hot dog actually tasted pretty good. No snap as it's not wrapped in any natural casing. But a nice mixture of spices. The bun was really a fresh roll which was very tough and chewy. They barely toasted the bun and didn't help. The stands only have yellow mustard, ketchup, onions and relish. The toppings are OK but the onions are packaged and they add water to rehydrate the onions so they are not fresh.

The corn on the cob wasn't hot, notice a pattern here? But it was pretty sweet and tender.

If you don't feel like eating at your seat, you can eat at the many picnic tables that are near the Outdoor BBQ Stand.

If the hot dog was actually hot, this would be a great deal. But I wouldn't take another chance at getting a cold hot dog. The food at the regular consession stands are OK. Nothing great. I normally eat somewhere else before the game.