Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hollingshead's Deli

Hollingshead's Deli
368 S. Main

Hollingshead Deli is a great place if you're a Green Bay Packers fan. Lots of Packers jerseys and photos on the walls. They also have tons of great beer both in the bottle and on tap.

I wanted to try their sandwiches so I ordered a Hero with no mustard for $4.30. The Hero has roast beef, ham, turkey breast, and smoked cheddar with mayo, lettuce, and tomato on french roll.

The french roll was nice and soft and very fresh. I wasn't impressed with the quality of meat or the amount of meat on the sandwich. Their cheddar was great, smoke flavor really came out. But there was only a thin slice of roast beef, ham, and turkey. All three meats were just run of the mill deli meats. Nothing special.

Interesting, they only serve sandwiches Mon-Fri. Saturdays they only serve hot dogs and polish dogs.

Is this place better than Subway or Togo's? Not really. If I was in the area I would go back but the sandwiches here are more of an afterthought to the wide selection of beer. Next time I go I would like to try their hot dogs and polish dogs.

Service if very friendly but is slow. I must have waited ten minutes for my order and the place wasn't close to full and I didn't see many phone/take out orders being placed or made.