Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Rib Trader

The Rib Trader
2710 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA

The Rib Trader is just off Chapman Ave, east of the 55 freeway. A very nice, friendly place. I ordered a rack of St. Louis Style ribs to go. The guy taking the order was great. Very nice and welcoming. The Rib Trader has a Merlin's Magic Dinner Theater. The server answered all my questions and even gave me discount tickets to the show. I'm not sure if the server was the owner or not. But he knows the meaning of customer service.

Now for the ribs. The ribs were $16.11 for a full rack. The ribs lacked any rub. They were tender but not all that meaty. They lacked any smoked flavor. The grill marks show the ribs were finished off on the grill after baking in the oven. The sauce was very sweet.

I wouldn't go back to The Rib Trader for the ribs. I would go back to try their steak and prime rib. I would also go back to see the Magic Dinner Theater.