Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mr Cecil’s: West LA-Closed

Mr Cecil’s
12244 Pico Blvd

I wanted to try the original Mr. Cecil's and see if it's better than the Sherman Oaks location.  Interesting that the Mr. Cecil's on Pico is near an adult book store. The Pico location isn't as upscale as the Sherman Oaks location. But the food maybe worse.

I order the 1/3 rack of St. Louis spare ribs to go. The waitress forgot to give me napkins, so I went back and got some. The ribs were small and there wasn't any type of smoke flavor. The ribs were $9.69. The sauce I was given was so sweet and terrible, was is the use?

I will not return to any Mr. Cecil's location again. The ribs are not good and the service at the Pico location can improve.