Monday, December 26, 2005

Senor Baja-El Taco Nazo-Closed

Senor Baja
635 E. Bonita Ave.
San Dimas

The sign outside says El Taco Nazo but Senor Baja has taken over. Senor Baja is at the corner of a strip mall. All of the stores in the strip mall have been closed for a long time. But Senor Baja was doing a steady business the day I went.

As you maybe able to tell, every Wednesday is 99 cent fish tacos!!! I am very impressed with their fish tacos.

The fish is lightly breaded and very moist and flakey inside. The toppings are all fresh. You feel as though they caught the fish right that morning and served it up in the afternoon.

Senor Baja has 18 other locations. I was very impressed with their San Dimas location. A very clean dining room and very quick friendly service.