Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Colima Burger

Colima Burger
19811 Colima Rd.
Suite 520
Walnut, CA 91789

Colima Burger is your average "greasy spoon" restaurant. As always I ordered the burger combo with well done fries for $4.75 which is about average for burger places.

I usually order no onions but I just forgot tonight. The burger is loaded with onions and I might have scraped off 8 ounces of onions!!! The patty is pretty thin and flavorless. The thousand island dressing was ok and the tomato was cut very thick.

The fries weren't close to being well done. They tasted as though they were sitting under heat lamps for awhile.
Overall not impressed by Colima Burger. Burger Depot which is about seven miles away serves a much better burger at a great price after 2pm, 99 cents!!! Some of their other items like the chicken sandwich and chicken fried steak sandwich are pretty good.

The figure you see is a Frank Thomas Starting Lineup. As of 9pm PST,Wednesday December 7, 2005 , Frank Thomas will not be a member of the Chicago White Sox after 16 great seasons. Many times he was the only player worth watching on the White Sox. I can understand why the White Sox let him go, it will be weird seeing The Big Hurt in another uniform. I could bring myself to eating a Chicago style hot dog or pizza.