Friday, October 14, 2005

Great Wall Mongolian BBQ

Great Wall Mongolian BBQ
1261 S Harbor Blvd
Ste A,
La Habra, CA 90631
(714) 680-3569

Mongolian BBQ is where you choose the vegetables and meats and oils then a BBQ chef will quickly cook those ingredients on a large flat grill. Some chefs even put on a good show while cooking your meal.

I love this place. The vegetables are so fresh you think they just picked them from the fields that morning. Almost any kind of vegetable are there for your enjoyment. The meats are frozen and are lean. They offer, beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. They have all kinds of oils and sauces to mix with your meats and vegetables. Best of all, the bowls they use are huge so you can stuff as much of the fresh ingredients as you want.

They offer a pocket biscuit which you can stuff your meats and vegetables into. A Mongolian version of a Pegorie.

They offer an all you can eat dinner for $7.25. A single serving dinner is about $6.00. As you can see on the picture lunch is $4.50 for a single serving.

Update: Sept 14, 2005

They are very paranoid about anybody taking pictures. After I took the picture of the meats and vegetables island, the owner told me, Sorry no pictures. So I couldn't take a picture of the chefs. But as you can see the bowls are huge.

Still the best Mongolian BBQ around. And nobody can beat their prices. $10 for all you can eat include any soda.