Saturday, November 21, 2009

Carl's Jr-Coke Free Style-Closed

Carl's Jr
2025 E Katella Ave,

Update April 19, 2010: This Carl's Jr is still open but they no longer have the Coke Free Style machine.

Why is The New Diner reviewing a Carl's Jr? I wanted an excuse for trying the new Coke Free Style machine!!! I first heard of the Coke Free Style machine on the CNBC special, hosted by Melissa Lee, who is pretty hot, called The Real Story about Coke and it's history. The showed talked about Coke's marketing practices, development and research and their awesome buying power. The Coke Free Style machines are being test marketed in selected locations in California and Atlanta. The Coke Free Style machine can give customers 100, yes 100, different varieties of Coke products!! Just press the right icons on the touch screen and out comes your Coke product. Inside the machines they have cartridges filled with flavor syrup, much like a printer cartridge, that combine with carbonated water to give you nice refreshing Coke product.

The Free Style machine maybe a little confusing at first. But really all you need to do is, get a cup, push the lever for ice, press the touchscreen for what type of soda you want and then press the POUR button. Out comes your a nice, cold refreshing Coke product.

One thing for damn sure, that nasty New Coke crap, doesn't come out of this. Why Coke would mess with perfection is beyond me!!!! Ok, let's forgot about those terrible 3-4 months back in 1985 where REAL Coke wasn't being sold.

I tried regular Coke, raspberry Coke, orange Coke and lime Coke. Regular Coke tasted like any other Coke from a fountain. Raspberry Coke was a bit too sweet for me. Lime Coke was nice and refreshing, with a nice finish. When I tried the Orange Coke, something must have been wrong with the machine, more than likely the Coke cartridge was out or giving an incorrect amount of Coke, because it tasted like orange soda, not Orange Coke.

I had a coupon which got you a free soda and fries with a purchase of a Chicken Parmesan sandwich, $4.34. The chicken parmesan sandwich was nicely breaded and moist. But the marinara sauce was too tangy and just didn't work well in the sandwich.

Service was good. The guy taking my order was nice and helpful.

I normally go to Carl's for the western bacon cheeseburger. But the main reason I went to Carl's was because I wanted to try the Coke Free Style machine. It was nice and the wave of the future. This is Coke Free Style's Facebook page for other locations.