Saturday, November 26, 2011

DZ Akin's

DZ Akin's
6930 Alvarado Rd
San Diego

I enjoy going to the classic deli. I love the atmosphere, the food, the rich cultural significance of a deli. I've been to my share of delis in the LA area. So, on my latest trip to San Diego, I wanted to go back to the only deli that I know of and have been to in San Diego; DZ Akin's. A friend, who lives in San Diego, told me that DZ Akin's became popular because a local news reporter loves the place. In fact they even named a sandwich after him, Ted Leitner-corned beef, pastrami, and American cheese on rye.

DZ Akin's is located off the 8 freeway in a small strip mall. You enter at the bakery and deli counter, then walk through the long dining area. It can get very crowded, I've waited 20 minutes for a table before.

I got the pastrami and corned beef on rye, $12.95. While the sandwich was piled high with meat, the meat quality wasn't that good. There were a lot of fat and gristle on the meat. I know corned beef and pastrami are made from the brisket cut, a very fatty and full of connective tissue, cut of meat. But, most delis trim off a lot of the fat. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that DZ Akin's does not make their own meats. The meats are bought from a source. In other words, I can get a pound of pastrami and corned beef for the deli counter and make my own sandwich, for much less.

The rye bread wasn't anything special, I could have gotten better bread at the local market.

Service was good. I wasn't really lacking for anything, the server was nice, friendly, and helpful. I asked about their plantation soup, and she had the ingredients written on her order book. To me that's impressive. Instead of saying, I don't know or I'll have to ask, all she did was look in her book and gave me the answer. A very well trained and friendly staff.

I won't go back to DZ Akin's again. The food is just ok and like I said, I could get better meats and bread for much cheaper at most deli counters.