Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zelo Gourmet Crust Pizza

Zelo Gourmet Crust Pizza
328 E Foothill Blvd

I first heard of Zelo while looking for deep dish Chicago style pizza. But, then I soon learned that Zelo isn't deep dish Chicago pizza, but more like a thick/pan pizza. So I was a bit cool to the idea of trying Zelo. I mean, if I want a thick/pan pizza, I'll just go for a deep dish Chicago pizza at Tony's Little Italy or Masa of Echo Park. But, finally I went with a group of friends and boy, what a treat.

Zelo is known for the cornmeal crust. The cornmeal adds a sweetness to the crust and makes a very solid crust. Zelo is a fairly small restaurant on a very busy street. But, they are very popular and do a lot of take out business.

I read that stupid review site, yelp, and this is a reason why I hate yelpers; they are stupid idiots!!! A stupid idiot named Charlene C. included this in her review of Zelo:

1) Noisy while sitting outside on the patio (a lot of cars whizzing by)
2) Sprinklers went off at the building next door around noon & my friend and I got wet
3) Street Parking Only (We parked across the street, but scary to cross due to lots of cars going over the speed limit at this time of day, no stop light, only a faded cross walk)"

Ok, really, is she that STUPID? I'll reply to each of her "cons."

1) Foothill is a major east/west street in the area. If it was so noisy, why are you so stupid to sit outside?

2) Again, HELLO STUPID. Why did you sit outside? It's not Zelo's fault if you sat outside and the sprinklers from another store came on.

3) HELLO STUPID!! Why didn't you park on the same side of the street as Zelo? Or why didn't cross at the light at 5th Ave and Foothill? There is a light and crosswalk there!!!

Yelp is such a stupid review site. I can't stand stupid yelpers, and stupid yelpers describes about 99.9% of yelpers.

Corn pizza, $3.75. fresh corn, balsamic marinated roasted red onions, mozzarella
smoked mozzarella, topped with fresh chives!

WOW, just wow. As I mentioned before the cornmeal crust is just awesome, adding a sweetness to the pizza. This corn pizza is awesome. The corn is very fresh and cooked perfectly. But, the best part of this is the balsamic marinated roasted red onions, they look like bacon, but they just add a wonderful, bold sweet flavor to the pizza. The most interesting thing; there is no sauce on this pizza!! Just the goodness of the cornmeal crust and toppings!! I would order this again, anytime!

You can order pizza by the slice, $3.75, or the same three slices, half a pizza-$11 or the same six slices, whole pizza-$21.

Half sausage and half pepperoni,$21.

Sausage-homemade sausage, tomato sauce marinated green peppers . sauteed onions . mozzarella

The sausage is the more traditional type pizza. This did have sauce, a light sauce that was seasoned just right. The sausage was very fresh and tasty, they use a good quality sausage. The pizza has a very strong fennel flavor, since they use fennel seed oil to cook the pizza.

Pepperoni-pepperoni, mozzarela, fontina, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes. A pepperoni pizza with no sauce, but fresh tomatoes? Yep, that's the pepperoni served at Zelo and I have to say it was very good. The toppings were fresh and the pepperoni was flavorful. I think I didn't miss the sauce because the crust was charred inn places and it just brought out more sweetness.

Service, we sat outside, and while a bit noisy, we understood, it was going to be!! Unlike some stupid yelper!!

I would go back to Zelo, just for the corn pizza, but all three pizzas I had were great!! I can't wait to go back!!