Friday, January 29, 2010


101 Bayview Pl.
Newport Beach

I think almost all restaurants in the Orange Curtain are very average and overpriced. Most of the idiots living in the Orange Curtain are so arrogant and full of themselves, they have no clue what good food is.

Kitayama fits this tot a T!! The sushi here is very average and overpriced.

Halibut, $4.50. Not fresh, mushy texture and lacking flavor. Halibut is a solid fish and shouldn't be mushy. If it is, that means the halibut isn't fresh.

Bluefin tuna, $7. My first time having bluefin tuna. I did like this. Fresh, full of color and a rich flavor. I may start ordering bluefin tune instead of regular tuna.

Yellowtail, $5. My usual sushi, but again not fresh and lacking.

Toro, $13. For $13 I would expect a fresh, great tasting toro. But what I got was mushy, I know it is suppose to be the fatty part of the fish, but mushy and no flavor.

Rainbow roll, $16.

Rainbow roll had salmon, shrimp, tuna, and yellowtail, all with a spicy tuna inside.

The shrimp was nice and big and flavorful. Good stuff.

The salmon was fresh, maybe the freshest fish I've had here, and flavorful.

The spicy tuna seemed average and bland. Not spicy at all.

Service at the sushi bar was very good. The chef was very nice and helfpul. The server was attentive and came by often.

Kitayama is nothing but the type of place the arrogant jerk people of the OC, go to be seen. This isn't a good sushi restaurant. I've had better sushi at Chinese buffets. There is no reason for me to go back.