Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cafe Vista at Cal Poly Pomona-Closed

After reviewing Los Olivos I got an email from a Cal Poly Pomona student. He told me he works at Cafe Vista, a fast food style restaurant, in the residential suites. I will walk around Cal Poly's campus for some exercise and so I decided to stop in at Cafe Vista.

Before I go on I want to explain a few things, yes somebody who works at Cafe Vista, told me about Cafe Vista, but I was never offered any free food or anything else. I didn't take a picture of Cafe Vista until after I got my order. So there is no way anybody working at Cafe Vista would have known I was doing a review. I always remain anonymous when I do reviews.

I got the chicken breast sandwich, $4.99, with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a wheat bun. This sandwich was not a rubbery chicken that I got from Los Olivos. It was a well seasoned, basic salt and pepper, piece of chicken breast that was grilled nicely. Nice flavor, not dry. Better than the crap served at most fast food restaurants.

Service was average. Nothing outstanding but nothing bad either. Students working to earn money for college.

There is a lot of construction around Cafe Vista, so there is limited access to Cafe Vista. Cafe Vista is located right next to the gym, the home gym for Cal Poly's women's basketball team, which has been a nationally ranked D-2 program. It seems as though Cal Poly is trying to transform from a commuter campus to a residential campus.

Cafe Vista is a better option than any fast food restaurant and for the students, they don't have to drive anywhere. Cafe Vista has burgers, hot dogs and wraps. It also serves breakfast.

I wouldn't make a special trip for Cafe Vista but after a walk around campus I would go back for lunch. Though they only serve third rate cola. They need to serve Coke!!!