Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Park Pantry

Park Pantry
2104 E Broadway
Long Beach

I've heard that Park Pantry is known for their breakfast menu. But I was in the area and wanted something to eat. This is a diner style place. Nothing fancy, just good comfort food. Well maybe not the cheeseburger.

I got the double cheddar cheeseburger, $9.50, with fresh fruit. The burger comes with grilled onions, pickles and 1000 Island dressing. This was a very greasy burger. I picked off the onions and my fingers could have greased every squeaky wheel on the block. The meat was big but pretty flavorless, not seasoning, nothing. You got a lot of burger for your money but the quality just wasn't there. I don't think even adding A-1 steaksauce would improve the burger.

Service was very good. The server was attentive, I never had to ask for anything, and friendly.

I may go back to Park Pantry for their breakfast or other items. But I would stay away from their burgers.