Monday, June 11, 2007

Tam O'Shanter

Tam O'Shanter
2980 Los Feliz Blvd

Tam O' Shanter has been a part of LA since 1922. They are a part of the Lawry's restaurant family. It's a quaint, old cottage with the servers dressed in 1800 era clothing.

I ordered the chopped beefsteak for $19. It's 10oz for angus beef, which I ordered medium rare. It came to me, charred on the outside and rare on the inside. I'm not that picky about how my meat is cooked unless it's overcooked. I can handle meat that is rare, I even order meats cooked rare at times. But I can't believe they would make a mistake like that here at Tam O Shanter. The beefsteak was good but it's nothing special.

Service is good. Our server was prompt, friendly and helpful. Though a couple times it took awhile to get my water glass filled. I wasn't happy with the way they handled my reservation. I had reservations for 7:15pm. We arrived at 7:10pm and didn't get seated until 7:25pm. Maybe that's not a big deal but why even make reservations?

I think Tam O'Shanter has gone down in the quality of food since I last went there back in the late 90's. I wouldn't go back but I think Tam O'Shanter is a place everybody should experience at least once.