Saturday, April 14, 2007


1864 Montebello Town Center

I am still surprised at the variety and quality of restaurants in Montebello. From Sushi to Chinese to kebobs, Montebello has more than just Mexican restaurants.

In the Montebello Town Center Mall, Hikari is a very good sushi place.

The first picture is the spicy tuna roll. This is very spicy, I had to drink lots of water after finishing the rolls. Nice and fresh and tasty. What a steal at $4.95.

California Rolls, $4.95. California rolls are imitation crab, avocado and cucumbers. This was very fresh and tasty.

The last picture is the scallops roll, $5.95. Filled with fresh scallops and smelt eggs. I'm not used to smelt eggs but these were very small so you can barely taste them. But the scallops were fresh and this was a good tasting roll.

Service is good. You're greeted and seated quickly. You almost don't know who your server is because different servers come up and ask if you need anything. We weren't lacking for anything. Drinks were quickly refilled, food was good, and we had a nice pleasant dining experience.

I would go back to Hikari again and again. Good, fresh sushi, at good prices with good service. You can't beat that combination.