Saturday, April 14, 2007

Father Nature

Father Nature
17 N Delacey

Father Nature offers healthy wraps at a good prices. Located on Delacey just off of Colorado.

I got the Fisherman's wrap, $7.95. The fish, used was broiled salmon, tomatoes, parlsey, garlic sauce are all wrapped in their lavish bread. The salmon was nice and flakey and tasty. All the other items were nice and fresh. This is a very good alternative to having a burger or regular sandwich.
What I don't like is the service. The man is one of the biggest jerks around. He's all business. Give him your order and money and he'll give you your wrap. He never smiles, barely talks and has an attitude. He was very rude when I asked him what kind of fish is used in the Fisherman's Wrap.

While I like the the wraps at Father Nature, I really don't like the service. If that jerk man isn't there I would go back, but if he's behind the counter, I will walk right past and find something else.