Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Buckboard BBQ & Grill-Closed

Buckboard BBQ & Grill
1386 E Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA

This is a Santa Maria style BBQ restaurant but it rates a distant second behind Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City.

Interesting that just across the street is Red Hill BBQ, but that is Rancho Cucamunga.

I have been to Buckboard three times. The first two times I ordered the Rustler Combo for $8.95. Sliced tri-tip and beef rib. The rib was just ok. Not as meaty as some other places with beef ribs but the tri tip was very tender and juicy.

The last time I went to Buckboard they have pork ribs on the menu!!! They will combine the pork rib and tri tip for $8.95. The tri tip is good as always and they give you a ton of tri tip. The pork ribs were not good, very thin, overcooked and lack any kind of smoke flavor or smoke ring. The BBQ sauce is too sweet.

All dinners include a salad, I ordered the green salad nothing special and garlic fresh bread.

A great meal would be pork ribs at Red Hill across the street and tri tip at Buckboard.

I like Buckboard. Prices are great and the portions are huge.

Nice service and friendly people. They allowed me to sample their Tri-Tip Chili and it was very good.