Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gerald Willhite's Spices BBQ-Closed

Gerald Willhite's Spices BBQ
10431 Lemon Ave Ste H
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

I've been here three times. Once I got the Combo plate that included ribs, brisket, and hot link. The next time I got the chopped pork sandwich. The third and final time for a lunch portion, pork ribs for $7.58.

I do not like this place at all. On the high side in terms of price and the food isn't good. The ribs lunch at Red Hill BQQ about five miles south is much better and is a dollar less. The Ribs lack any kind of smoke flavor. They are also small and thin as hell. And they were tough, almost burnt. Not a good combination at all. The BBQ sauce is awful.

The brisket has too much fat and the chopped pork sandwich was so dry, I almost choked on the meat. The BBQ sauce must have been an afterthought.

I only went back the second time to get Whilhitte's autograph. He played for the Denver Broncos. He also has photos of that horse face, crybaby QB, which of course get on my bad side. I went back the third and last time because a friend wanted to try BBQ places in the area so we went to RedHill and Spices. Also I was able to take pictures of the sorry excuse for ribs.

I would not go back again. To be honest, with how bad the food is, I'm surprised the store is still open.