Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bronx Pizza- San Diego

Bronx Pizza
111 Washington St
San Diego

Bronx Pizza in San Diego is the best NY style pizza place around. I haven't found anything in the LA area that comes close to it.

They a great special, two slices of pizza and soda for $6.

The first slice of pizza pictured has pepperoni and sausage. A great crust topped with nice pepperoni and flavorful sausage.

The second slice of pizza is called the White Stone Pepperoni with mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni and ricotta. Awesome stuff. A nice thin crust and great toppings. I thought the cheese may be a little over the top but it really added to the taste of the pizza.

Bronx pizza is a no frills place. Pizza by the slice or the whole pie. They do not have chicken or pineapple on the menu. The service is good but be careful, it is packed almost from the time they open until they close. Once you order, you will enjoy the pizza in a very short time but it may take awhile to place your order. The day I went only one person was ahead of me. But within five minutes there were eight people in line.

Also the day I went the guy gave me an extra slice of the White Stone Pepperoni pizza because the crust came off the other slice. I really didn't notice a difference but I did enjoy the third slice of pizza.

Bronx Pizza is a great place. Good service and great NY style pizza.