Friday, December 30, 2005

Backwoods BBQ-Closed

Backwoods BBQ
4300 Green River Rd Ste 102
Corona, CA 92880-1506
(951) 371-7227

I found Backwoods BBQ while doing a search for BBQ places in the Inland Empire. So after about a year, I decide to finally try Backwoods. It's pretty easy to get to, right off the 91 freeway at Greenriver.

I go at about 4pm and nobody was in the restaurant. But the restaurant is huge and has a few pool tables and a couple TV's to watch games. I order the one meat dinner with tri-tip chili and macaroni salad as my two sides. for $9.69. I wait about ten minutes for the food to arrive. The cashier seemed like the only worker actually in the restaurant. Two other workers are outside on a smoking break. One of the worker comes back and I gets my order ready.

The meal finally arrives and it looks good. Four decent sized spare ribs and nice cups of chili and mac salad. I taste the tri tip chili first. Big mistake. It is very spicy and spicy food isn't for me. There were small bits of tri tip in there but mostly it was filled with beans. I would have liked to seen more balance between the tri tip and beans. To calm down the spice, I try the mac salad. Nothing special about it, I bet it's one of those premade mac salads you buy at Costco.

Finally I go onto the ribs. Not that impressed. First of all it seems as though the ribs were reheated in the microwave and not on a grill. The ribs were very tough and they left that membrane on. Hey if you're going to have a BBQ place, please take off the membrane. There was no smoke flavor, even though they say it's mesquite smoked. The BBQ sauce is ok but nothing special.

I wasn't impressed with Backwoods and I wouldn't go back.