Monday, November 28, 2005

My Brother's Bar B Q

My Brother's Bar B-Q
21150 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills CA

They only serve baby back ribs at Mr. Brothers. Stepping into My Brothers is like stepping back in time when Love's Restaurant was around. Mr Brothers has the same decor as the 1970 and 80's Love Restaurant chain.

We got their in time for the early bird special and I got the baby back ribs. The baby back ribs are OK though they are not smoked at all but for $12.95 they are a good deal. The ribs were a little too well done for my tastes. Some ribs were almost burnt. The BBQ sauce was just too sweet. I got fries and the garlic mashed potato. Fries were done just right. The mashed potatoes were OK. Service was very good.

I wouldn't go back to My Brothers.

Update January 19, 2011

I know I said I would never go back to My Brother's Bar B Q, again and that is still true; I wouldn't go back for the BBQ ribs. But, I read that My Brother's serves broasted chicken and I wanted to try it.

I believe My Brother's is the only place in the San Fernando Valley, that serves broasted chicken.

I got the half broasted chicken, $8.25, a la carte. The chicken is suppose to be cooked to order, but I wasn't that impressed. It wasn't as juicy as other broasted chicken that I have tired. I did like the crispy skin, but this was an average example of broasted chicken.

Service, for to go orders, was terrible. When I walked in, a young girl was sitting down, talking with her friends. She didn't bother to get up and greet me or the couple who came in right after. She just sat down and asked if she could help me. The couple, who came in after me, was dining in, and she told them, to pick any seat. Again, never bothering to get out of her seat. Terrible first impression.

I asked to make sure they had broasted chicken and she said yes. I then asked how is that sold, by the piece, as a meal, etc? She finally got up, got a menu and told me "How about I give you the menu and you can see for yourself." Nice, friendly service.

While waiting for the broasted chicken, a man came in to pick up an order of broasted chicken. I asked him how the broasted chicken was. He said very good but the service, sucks. I agree.

Broasted chicken takes 15-20 minutes to cook. I was waiting about 10 minutes when my order came. The terrible host said they had made extra chicken. I felt the box and it was hot and when I opened up the chicken it did seem as though the chicken had been cooked within the past few minutes.

I would not go to Mr Brother's again. The terrible service and the average broasted chicken.