Friday, October 14, 2005

Angelo's Drive In

511 State College Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92806

Angelo's has been rated by many online and newspaper reviews as one of the best burger places in the Orange Curtain. I am not impressed with their burgers. I think the old time feeling of waitresses on rollerskates and a jukebox somehow influences the people into thinking the burgers are great.

I ordered the Burger Basketball special with onions rings and a small drink for $4.85 tax included. The burger is very dry and lacks any type of flavor. The meat is so thin, I'm reminded of the old lady in the commercials where she says "Where's the beef?"

The onions rings I was served seemed as though they were sitting under a heat lamp for the last hour.

Service was very friendly and the waitress was nice eye candy but I wouldn't go back for the burgers. I would go back to try some of the sandwiches on the menu.

Tonight was Monday Night Football and the crowd seemed to pick up around 6:30pm. When I got there about 6:15 I had the entire indoor section almost to myself. But by the time I finished eating almost every table was filled. They have $1 special on Mondays for jr. burgers, hot dog, corn dog, small fries and onion rings. $3 large domestic beers and $2 small domestic beers during the game.

A nice atmosphere, nice waitress, OK burgers. If it wasn't for the friendly service, I wouldn't bother coming back to try any of their other items.