Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pioneer Chicken-LA Sunset Blvd.-Closed

Pioneer Chicken
4376 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles:

When I was a kid there used to be a Pioneer Chicken right down the street from school. I can remember getting some chicken or fries after school. There used to be a lot of Pioneer Chicken locations. But by 1990 I thought all Pioneer Chicken stores had closed. Many of the locations became Church Fried Chicken. (YUCK) But after some research on the internet I have found four Pioneer Chicken locations that are still open. There is a fifth listed but the phone number listed seems to be a computer ISP number.

So today, Sun. Oct 16 I decided to do a Pioneer Chicken run. I went to the four locations that I called to make sure they were opened today. The other three locations I am going to are, Echo Park, and Soto St, and Bell Gardens.

I ordered a breast piece at each location to compare. I was surprised to find that two of the locations are within three miles of each other on Sunset Blvd in LA. The other two locations Sota St in LA and the Bell location are only about eight miles apart.

The first one was the Sunset Blvd location, cross street is Fountain. I was surprised to see that famous Pioneer Chicken wagon logo. So I made sure I took a picture.

The breast piece was $1.70. The outside was crunch as I remembered. But the chicken wasn't hot or even warm. The inside was very dry and seemed as though it had been under a heat lamp for a long time.

They had a large menu including ribs, rotisserie chicken, fish and sandwiches.

Since the Echo Park location is about three miles away, I wouldn't come back to the Sunset location due to the low quality of the chicken.